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The need for an active study environment

Research shows that spending too much time sitting down is detrimental, to children and adults alike. It is important to be able to change position during the working day. ActiveS School gives children an opportunity to switch between sitting and standing, and thereby creates a more active study environment. Stand up and work in school too!

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The most important room

We’re convinced that standing up more to work leads to better health, increased learning ability and more peace and quiet in the classroom. A child’s working environment must be taken just as seriously as an adult’s. Nowadays height-adjustable desks are more or less standard in our workplaces because they lead to better health, creativity and peace in which to work. Shouldn’t this also be the case for our children?

Break out of sedentary lifestyle

Physical activity does not need to be sport

An active work environment produces more alert pupils who can concentrate more easily and have more desire to learn. By giving children the opportunity to stand up and work, we are creating a natural element of activity in the classroom. It has been demonstrated that just 10 minutes of activity per hour counteracts the negative effects of sitting down.

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News & Press Cuttings

Being able to both stand and sit while you work leads to better health and concentration

“Many workplaces have desks that can be raised and lowered. In schools, however, there’s often no opportunity for pupils to stand up and work in the classroom.” Pupils in Years 5 and 7 at Vittra Gerdsken school in Alingsås put ActiveS School to the test with good results.

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ActiveS School

Easy for pupils of all ages

ActiveS School – the desk can easily be adjusted manually by pupils of all ages; a gas spring makes it simple to raise or lower the desk. No power connections are needed. Available with a standard desktop or one with a sound-absorbing surface layer.

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Testing the desks in a school environment

“It was fun to stand up! And easier to work.”

In autumn 2015, we tested ActiveS School in six schools in Alingsås, Mölndal and Värnamo.

Read more about the test under References and test schools

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